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Cosmetic surgeons can reshape almost any area of your body. In a short time span many patients want to have maximum cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their appearance and image make over. Such patients are considered understanding their needs of individual body parts. Surgical plan is worked out in a manner to accommodate all required cosmetic surgeries in minimum time. This way it becomes very much economical in terms of money and time to the patient.

Mostly it is understood that "Total Body Shaping" is for shedding off extra fat from most of the body parts; but, in our experience many other Cosmetic surgery operations are required to be incorporated along with.

Cosmetic surgeons employ a variety of body sculpting techniques to help their patients achieve a lean, toned figure:

Liposuction is the most popular method of body contouring surgery because it allows the surgeon to resculpt specific areas of the body through the removal of fat from beneath the skin, using only a few tiny incisions. There are many different methods of liposuction available, which allows the surgeon to select the method that will be most effective in helping you to achieve your goals

"Repeated Liposuctions at Shorter Intervals" allows to shape more than one body parts, saves time, as result is evident early. It is econimical

Lift procedures allow surgeons to remove excess skin and fat from many areas of the body to resculpt the figure. Extensive total body lifts and lower body lifts can accomplish a dramatic transformation, while procedures such as arm lift, thigh lift, and butt lift concentrate on improving the appearance of a specific area of the body

"Tummy tuck" or abdominoplasty, is a unique body sculpting surgery because it combines removal of excess skin and fat from the midsection with the surgical tightening of the abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty is also performed during full body lift surgery.