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Stitch lift is a minimally invasive technique of cosmetic surgery, whereby significant lifting of the soft tissue is achieved.


1. Operation is performed under local anesthesia usually.
2. Procedure is minimally invasive.
3. Significant lifting of soft tissue is achieved.
4. Basic technique is used in achieving lift in different body parts with little variations.
5. It is a day care (outpatient ) surgery [ usually]
6. Operation can be modified or reversed or enhanced; if required.
7. It is safe.
8. It is economical; save time and money.

Various sites where significant cosmetic benefit is achieved by
STITCH LIFT OPERATION in a short time are :

1. Forehead creases - Forehead lift
2. Drooping eyebrows - Eyebrow lift
3. Prominent naso-labial fold - N-L lift
4. Sagging submandibular region - submandibular lift [with or without liposuction]
5. Aging face wrinkles - Face lift with stitch lift method.
6. Sagging upper arms - Arm lift [with or without liposuction]
7. Flat Butts - Buttocks lift
8. Loose and drooping inner thighs - Inner Thighs lift.
9. Early stage breast looseness - Breast lift.

Careful case selection is very important on the part of experienced Cosmetic surgeon.
On the Patient's Part : Equally important is selection of the Experienced Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon.