[Experience of Dr.B.P.Singh, Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon]

On April 21st 2006, I decided to go for liposuction on myself.

Fat layer accumulated around my tummy area had reached a size of 48inches. I was weighing above 230Lb. With all dietary restrictions and exercises, my fat layer refused to decrease. We had tough time in finding suitable fit trousers, shirts or suits at the stores.

One lady came for consultation for liposuction in March 2006. When I explained her that she should undergo liposuction in order to get rid of her stubborn fat layer and results are permanent, no untoward effects; promptly she pointed out to my figure, going out of proportions, that, why you do not get your liposuction done?? In an attempt to manage escape, very boldly I replied 'I do not get some one with enough experience to do it to myself'. She argued - You have your own team your own setup, there should not be any difficulty in getting your liposuction done, if you wish to get it done.

I promised her to get it done, because she has given me the solution of my problem- "From where I should get my Liposuction done?". After doing her liposuction, I saw my work schedule, all appointments; and, I could keep an appointment for myself in my own hospital with my own team for 21st April 2006.