If you have large size of Breast, just like female, you ought to be shy. You will be embarrassed in removing your shirt in front of any one. After all you are a male. You may be doing very hard workout, rigorous exercises, no matter how rigorous your training is, your large breast would not decrease in size. You wonder why only you have this type of famine breast; you ,may not get the answer. Fact remains, this is quite more common in men than you can think.

Relax, this is easily corrected by Cosmetic Surgery. Medically, this known as GYNAECOMAZIA.

Incidence : 40-60% of men have this problem.

What is Gynaecomazia - large female like breast in men is called Gynaecomazia. Also known as Gynaecomastia. Word originates from Greek language where 'Gynae' means female and 'mastos' stands for breast. Gynaecomazia is usually due to large amount of glandular tissue and fat tissue in male breast. Enlarged breasts on a man is frustrating and depressing. It is quite uncomfortable, as well as socially and psychologically demoralizing. For boys and men who suffer from it sometimes, can cause extreme embarrassment, social inhibition and self-consciousness.

Causes of Gynaecomazia? In 90% no definite cause is pointed out, but, in 10 percent patients it could be one of many listed here : hereditary factors, hormonal imbalance, genetic disorders, testicular atrophy, obesity, anabolic steroid use, supplemental hormones and other medications drugs/marijuana use, benign or malignant breast tumors and liver disease.

What Surgery you need? This will be decided by cosmetic surgeon. Liposuction alone is what you need mostly. Only in some males who have very large size of breast, liposuction plus surgical excision of extra loose skin to shape may be needed. Patient should be mentally and emotionally stable, physically fit to under go surgery.

Procedure - Liposuction alone or Liposuction with surgical excision. These are done as day-care surgery. This means that patients with prior appointments, come for surgery in the morning and goes home after the surgery same evening.

Operation is done under anesthesia, Local, tumescent or general. Duration of surgery is usually 60-90 minutes only in expert and experienced hands.

i. LIPOSUCTION : remains procedure of choice. This is a cosmetic surgery procedure to remove unwanted fat deposited under the skin from any part of body. In Gynaecomazia, a very tiny cut is give on the skin crease on the side of the chest, a thin cannula is inserted in the breast area which sucks out the fat and glandular tissue into the attached suction apparatus. This results in sculpturing or shaping the bulged breast into a flat area. Since the cells are removed, this gives permanent result.

ii. LIPOSUTION WITH SKIN EXCISION : Only in those males who have very large female like breast surgical excision is required along with liposuction. Mostly such patients are morbidly obese. Liposuctions, lipectomies and lipoplasties are required in most of their other body parts.

iii. LIPOSUCTION OF OTHER BODY PARTS ALSO : Many patients who have tendency of fat deposition in body, present with requirements for liposuction in more than one body parts. They are dealt with the technique of "Repeated Liposuctions at Shorter Interval". This helps in achieving good contouring to the patients whole body in a short span of time.

Recovery Period : Patient is fit enough to look after himself the same day, hence send home, with advice to remain restful for 3-5 days. Oral medications take acre of some pain or stiffness feel. Diet is normal without any restriction. Compression garments are required to be worn by the patient for 12-15 days. Driving is prohibited for a weeks time, however, person is allowed to attend his work 2nd or 3rd day with the help of a driver.

Exercises and workouts are resumed after 3 weeks.

It is quite safe and convenient to get rid of Gynaecomazia. Results are permanent. You actually re-discover your lost self esteem and appreciates what cosmetic surgery can do wonders on you. 

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