Cosmetic surgery of Ears may be required in the following conditions:

  1. Prominent Ears
  2. Ear Deformity
  3. Ear Lobe Surgery
  4. Ear Prick Hole repair
  5. Split Ear repair

Prominent Ears-Bat Ears
Large prominent ears are source of fun for others. Patients feel inferiority complex . Therefore corrective operation is done to reset the ear in correct site and desired shape. This is done under Local Anesthesia.

Ear Deformity - Ear Lobe Reconstruction
Reasons for ear lobe loss are infection and injuries. Plastic surgery reconstructive operation is done to restore normal shape and size.

Ear Prick Hole repair - Split Ear Repair
Use of heavy earrings results in split ears or loosened hole. This requires corrective plastic surgery operation. This is done under Local Anesthesia.