Women - sometime feel that their love life is lost, self esteem is lost, all because hoe she looks in vaginal region; leading to devastating effect on her life. Actually, It can reduce her sexual desire and excitement, ruin her love life, spoil her self-esteem, or cause discomfort. An increasing number of women are opting for plastic surgery on their vagina, citing discomfort during sport, embarrassment during sex and of course aesthetic reasons as prime motivating factors, the latter giving rise to the term designer vagina.

Many women are now seeking cosmetic vaginal surgery to restore self-esteem, recreate sexual excitement, and rejuvenate their love lives. Women who have had the surgery say it has transformed their lives. While some patients have genuine health problems, such as incontinence, many also ask their doctors to perform additional procedures while they are on the operating table. Others are solely driven by cosmetic or sexual reasons.

Vaginal reconstruction comes in many forms such as Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) and Labiaplasty(labia reduction), and Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen) which returns the ruptured hymen to a pre-sexual state.

Surgery to reshape the labia and other areas of the vagina is on the rise, say cosmetic surgeons. A recent survey suggests that women from all walks of life and from ages 18 to 65 are having labia and cosmetic vaginal surgery and are no longer suffering in silence and are undergoing genital operations in order to boost their sex life and their self-esteem.

Some women who have had labiaplasty say it's as much for comfort or hygiene as beauty. In some cases, large labia can create hygiene problems or affect sexual function. They also can get caught in undergarments and make it difficult to wear tight pants or tiny bikinis. The numbers for labiaplasty are increasing every year and the procedure has finally been accepted in the mainstream.

Labiaplasty can be performed under local, spinal/epidural or general anesthetic, so that in some cases, women may leave hospital the same day of their operation. It is performed by reducing the edges of the labia or snipping out a 'V' shape wedge of tissue and sewing the remaining edges back together.

Vaginal tightening typically tones vaginal muscle, resulting in greater strength, contraction, and control. The result is an immediate decrease the diameter of the vagina, and an increase in the tightness of vaginal muscles. This will also restore the vagina and supporting structures to a pre-pregnancy state. Surgery is performed under general anesthetic, and includes an overnight stay.

List Of Some Commonly Performed Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For Female Genitalia :

    1. Pubic Liposuction And Lift
    2. Clitoral Reduction
    3. Clitoropexy
    4. Clitoral Hood Reduction
    5. Labia Minora Reduction
    6. Labia Majora Remodeling
    7. Secondary Labial Reconstruction
    8. Reconstruction Of Female External Genitalia Deformity
    9. Vaginal Rejuvenation



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