Dear Dr. Singh,

My trip would not be complete without giving my thoughts. One word- Amazing! You turned what was to be a medical trip into a holiday for me. Coming to India alone, I didn’t know I had another family waiting for me. Every day of the ten days was another day of warmth and assurance. In-spite of my initial "small headaches", you showed me understanding and support. Oh my very kind regards to Mrs. Singh, she was such a mother. I don’t remember her treating me as a patient but as her child- now am thinking about some of the things she said to me and it’s making me laugh. And yes, every meal was a treat. I only needed to ask and all my needs were met even before I asked. I can't forget that special sizzlers meal...yummy! I could never forget your staff; the ever kind-hearted Sisily. Indeed, there was nothing to worry about when she was around. She was always there to ensure my well-being. Many thanks to my Beljid, Paminda, Rajini, Sweety and of course your son- Jagmeet; I remember those enduring trips to the ATM. Thank you so much for having made me a home in India. All through those days I knew no fear and felt no pain because you all made it so- I was at home. Now my breasts are perfect, just the way I’d always wanted them to be and I can hardly remember what I did differently other than make you my choice cosmetic surgeon. I recommend you to anyone who wishes to have a cosmetic surgery- you are the cosmetic surgeon. "I trust you, Dr. Singh; you are like my father" I'll say it again- you were amazing!


Inderjit Kaur
Mob: 91 9878 445 047

Dear Dr. Bhupinder Singh,

I Inderjit Kaur just wanted to say thank you Dr. Bhupinder Pal Singh for all that you did for me.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh before you operated on my large, heavy and sagged Breast that was very unmanageable and very very uncomfortable; feeling of sore painful breast made me sick.

I am so thrilled with the result Dr.BP Singh has done on my breast. I am very pleased with the result and I can fell the result and difference, that I am really relief from the pain I was living with before Dr.BP Singh undertaken the surgery on my breast.

I especially want again to thank you Dr.BP Singh. You made me feel so good about going into this surgery. I had no second thoughts or doubts. Your treatment of me afterwards was equally a delight, I thank you most Dr. Bhupinder Singh for what a great job you did.

Your staff is just wonderful and they took such good care of me....they made a frightening experience a much more enjoyable and easier one. your staff continued care and support during all of my operations. I really appreciate this more than you know. I am so glad that I picked you Dr. Bhupinder Singh as my doctor and your staff especially were very good also. everyone else really made my whole experience twice as good.

Dr Bhupinder Singh you truly are talented and I don't just recommend you to anyone, I tell them you are the only surgeon they should even consider.

I can not thank you enough again you are a best of best Dr. Bhupinder Singh.


I, Baljit Kaur came from USA and got my Body Shaping Surgery from Dr. Bhupinder Pal Singh. I did not feel any trouble at the time of said Surgery. The Doctor sahib, his wife and the staff gave me full love and affection, and during that period I did not realize that I am in hospital, rather I was feeling that I am in home. I am very thankful of Doctor Sahib and the staff.

Thanking you,

Baljit Kaur [ USA]
Mobile : 9976292182


Picture taken by India Today Staff after interview in hospital
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Thursday, March 06, 2008
Here is something i want to say about my experience in the hospital, when i went first time in the hospital ,i just went there to check the facilities and cleanliness in the hospital, after seeing everything then i decided for my treatment, i had a wonderful experience while staying there staff was so nice ,so do the dr bhupinder singh ji, everybody make me feel like i am at home, and the treatment was very nice, i got good results, and they are so supportive after treatment as well, i still consult them from uk about anything i want to ask, thanks again to all the staff, thank you.
yours anju bala

                                     email id : anjub@hotmail.co.uk
153 marshlane, fordhouses , wolverhampton, wv10 6sa, UK


My name is Paramjeet Kaur. I have come from Italy. I am very much thankful to Dr. B.P.Singh who has given me new life. My problem of obesity was for 20 years. I came to know about Dr. B.P.Singh who check me up and told to get rid of my hanging fold of heavy fat from tummy to thighs. He is removed it surgically. Now I am better and reduced. All staff helped me a lot. I am thankful to Dr. B.P.Singh and his team who looked after me very nicely.
                                     Paramjeet Kaur, Italy (Phone No. 00393207874533, 00390734990220)


Dear Doctor

I am emailing you from Changi Airport Lounge. I would like to say Thanks for everything. I am impressive about your professional skills and warm hospitality. You and Mrs. Singh are kind, friendly and caring. I also like to say special thanks to all of the nurses who gave me courage and support.

I will come and see you in the future. I will also give the good recommendation about your skills and experience.

Thanks again for treating me as a family member. I am grateful for that. Pls say special thanks to your son who is caring and helpful.

R Yapp

Hello Dr BP Singh

Hope you are well, just to let you know that I am very pleased with my nose
and it is looking very nice and healing nicely, I am more confident now and
am looking forward to my wedding day knowing that I look better than I did.

I would like to thank you and your staff for a job well done!!!

For the Prospective patients willing to come for Cosmetic Surgery;
I will like to say that…………….

The hospital is clean and welcoming, the staff are great and caring, all my
questions where answered and I was reassured of any nerves I had .

The operation is painless and you do look worse than you actually feel for a
couple of days afterwards but it is well worth the few days of feeling
unattractive to the results after.

Dr BP Singh takes the time and listens to your objectives and will sincerely
help you whilst giving you realistic expectations and prioritizing your needs
and accommodating them.

I am very pleased with the way I was treated there, and most of all happy
with the final result and am grateful I was in the right hands, I will
definitely use DR BP Singh Hospital for future work.

Kind Regards
Miss Sandy Kaur
Birmingham, UK

Dear Dr Singh

Thank you very much for your very good work.. You have given me a new lease of life. Truly, you are a master artist cum dedicated Cosmetic Surgeon. I applaud your professionalism.
Thanks again to your entire team for every thing.

Michell JC
Yorks, UK

Dear Dr.Singh BP

We wish to convey our heartfelt thanks for saving our family life by performing tummy tuck and liposuction, helping me regaining my lost figure. You have injected a new life in our dejected mind.

Your wife and staff deserves special thanks for their support and encouragement. All were very kind and helpful always.

Anisha and Jolly

Hi Doc Singh and Sisily

I am happy with my nose now. It is wonderful work. I understand now how amazing is Cosmetic Surgery. Real transformation of personality.
I move with my nose up now.
Thanks and regards


Dear Doctor

I want to thank you for the breast upliftment done quite perfectly.
I just wanted this shape and you made it. I really appreciate your skill of shaping while performing cosmetic surgery operation.

I must not forget your dedicated staff members, who looked after me very nicely, I could never feel I am in a hospital.

I cannot forget perfect homely feel while with you all.
Thanks again

New Zealand

Dear Doc Singh

I am really elated and amazed having got so many procedure done in so short time. I salute to your professional skill and artistic ability. You can shape/ sculpture the human body so well, hard to believe. Thank you very much.
I have given your reference to many of my friends, Joe in particular will be coming for liposuction and few more procedure next month.
My husband joins me in sending regards to you and your team


Dear Dr Singh Mrs. Singh and Sisily

We just wanted to express our deep gratitude to your real professional wonderful work of cosmetic surgery you did to my body. I feel I am different and new.
Thank you for accommodating us on so short notice and saving our time. You are simply THE BEST !!
Love you all

Tustin CA

Dear Doc Singh

Thank you all for the nice work. I am happy the way I was treated. Family atmosphere of your hospital with just perfect required taste and food, besides state of art cosmetic surgery, impressed me.
You have really touched my heart.
Whenever you visit London do not forget your promise. Keep time for me.
My friend Jossy will be coming in 2nd week of Oct this year.
Best Regards

Grace KC

Dear Dr Singh

Regards to you and your wife.
I wish to say thank you. I am happy with my face, moreover my husband also is liking the change you have given. He has all good words for you, so am I.
Thank you once again

Manjit Kaur
Dehli, India

Dear Dr.BP Singh

I am your patient Ben, hope you remember you have done good lot good to me by reducing my breast and lipo last year. Just to tell you now I do not feel heavy, weight on my shoulders have gone, I am happy with my figure and shape now.
I am writing you to sincerely express my regards to you for you have done a wonderful job, pure masterly class work. You have impressed me and all of us here.
I plan to come next month with my sister who needs similar cosmetic surgery work. In fact she was waiting to see my results.
Shortly, I will write you again

Ben. Muhammad

To: Dr.B.P.Singh

Respected Sir
I wish to thank you, but not know what to write.
You have given me new life.
My chest projections have disappeared and you did liposuction. I no more feel and look like girls. Boys do not tease me any more.
Thank you sir, Thank you very much.

Frady P.V.
Cochin, India

Dear Dr. Singh

I thank you for a very very good work you have done to shape my eyebrow and removing loose skin around my eyes. I am really happy.

Chang Suei

Dr. Singh Hello,

I am very much impressed by your professionalism in cosmetic surgery
Liposuction for my double chin, face lift with your stitch procedure and eye bags removal has come out perfect. I want to compliment you for the great job.
You have made me your fan.
Thanks again

K. Patel
Mumbai, India

Dear Dr. B.P.Singh

I am to say my thanks for all the good work you have done. I am extremely thankful for your staff who all were very helpful cooperative and supporting.
I am also impressed by your nature of work - arranging pick-up for me at airport, good tasty food, caring for my free time in room and back to airport.
I am happy with the results of my Nose and Chin Reduction, and Chemical peel.
I look much better now, thank to you and your staff members.
I remember my visit to India.
Best Regards

Niagara, Canada




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