Total Body Shaping
Body contouring
Liposuction / Lipo-sculpture
Suction lipectomy-Lipolysis
Lipo in Men
Fat suction - Lipoplasty
Tummy Tuck - Mini/Full
Body sculpting-Tummy tightening
Arm Lift
Fat apron Removal
Full tummy tuck
Body Lift Surgery
Body reshaping
Breast Augmentation
Enlargement Breast - Breast implant
Breast Reduction
Reduction Mammoplasty Cosmetic breast reduction
Breast Suspension
Mastopexy - Breast uplift
Cosmetic Surgery for NAC
Nipple areola beautification
Breast Reduction in Males
Gynaecomastia - Gynaecomazia
Nose Job / Rhinoplasty
Cosmetic Nose surgery
Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery
Rhytidectomy - Facialplasty
Forehead Lift Cosmetic Surgery
Brow lift surgery
Facial Asymmetry
Unequal face plastic surgery
Eyes / Eye Lid Surgery
Prominent eyes
Eyebrow shaping
Sagging / Drooping Eye lids
Eyelid reduction
Ear Cosmetic Surgery
Prominent ears - Ear pinning
Chin Augmentation with Implants
Augmentation Mentoplasty
Chin Reduction
Reduction Mentoplasty
Chin Tuck / Double Chin Liposuction
Jaw line prominence
Cheek Cosmetic Surgery
Malar implants
Buccal fat
Smile Enhancement
Aesthetic smile improvement
Lips Cosmetic Surgery
Lip shaping - Lip reduction
Dimple Creation
Cleft on chin
Fat Transfer / Lipoinjection
Soft tissue augmentation
Stitch Lift
Thread lift
Virginity Restoration
Virgin hymen
Designer's Vagina
Vaginoplasty - Labia plasty
Vaginal tightening
CS of Male Genitals
Phalloplasty - Penile enlargement
Gender Reassignment Surgery
Sex change surgery
Plastic surgery for intersexes
Post Pregnancy Figure Correction
Figure and shape correction after pregnancy
Morbid Obesity Surgery
Surgery for Obese
Post Weight Loss Surgery
Cosmetic surgery for body shaping
Impants Surgery
Silastic implant - Silicone gel implants
Skin Resurfacing
Stationary White Patch
Vitiligo - Leucoderma
Cosmetic Skin Care
Skin rejuvenation - Anti aging
Mole Removal
Naves Surgery
Scar Reduction / Revision
Aesthetic scar surgery
Ventral Hernia
Incisional hernia - Umbilical hernia
Laser Resurfacing
Hyperpigmentation treatment with laser
Post Bariatric Surgery CS
Cosmetic surgery after Bariatric surgery


Total Body Shaping / Contouring 
Body Lift Procedures
Nose Job Rhinoplasty  
Cosmetic Surgery Forehead and Eye region 
Cosmetic Surgery Face Neck
Cosmetic Surgery Cheeks Chin Ears
Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Surgery For Obese
Post Pregnancy Figure Correction
Cosmetic Surgery of Female Genitals
Cosmetic Surgery of Male Genitals  
Gender Reassignment Surgery  
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