Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Face / Neck :
[Facial contouring]

For the Cosmetic Surgery Face and Neck Jalandhar based centre for laser cosmetic surgery is very well known. Board Certified Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Singh B.P. keeps busy doing various procedures of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of face and neck on patients coming from different parts of the world. For Plastic surgery Face Jalandhar has acquired its unique position internationally.

Dedicated to the Art and Science of Facial Aesthetic Plastic surgery, a guide is provided below to help you choose a procedure you need. Each procedure is briefly explained. Click on a specific cosmetic surgery treatment for more information:

Forehead lift [Eye brow lift ] :

Effect of aging starts showing on face in the shape of facial line appearing on fore head and other parts of face and neck. Smoothening of frown lines by Forehead lifting removes the wrinkles on forehead [ frown lines], raises the forehead and eyebrows to create more pleasant and rested appearance.

Blepheroplasty [Eye Bags removal] :

Eyelid cosmetic surgery [ eye lid lift] is for wrinkles around the eye, baggy eye lids, to improve the appearance of tired looks, Removal of excess skin[ sagging skin] and tissue from lower and /or upper eyelids enhance eye opening and give more confident look. Rejuvenated eyes and fresher look to an otherwise aged-looking face. This eyelid surgery improves dark circles around eyes. Eye lid plastic surgery is also done to create upper eyelid fold creation.

Xanthomas / xanthelasma :

These are cholesterol deposits underneath the skin. Xanthelasma palpebra or palpebrum is name given to fat deposits on the eyelids. Fatty growth cholesterol deposits are yellow tumors. They appear like bumps swells on the thin skin. Xanthoma is a skin disorder which can occur on any part of body. When present in numerous number on body, they are named as Xanthomatosis. Xanthomas are painless, non cancerous and treatable. They are more common on face near eye and nose.

Cause : High fat level in blood. This is an indication of high cholesterol levels in blood i.e. hypercholesterolemia.

Eye Brow Shaping :

Aesthetic Eyelid surgery is done to give desired shape to acquire upward slant or Cat eye looks. Eye prominence is achieved, as the eyes become prominent.

Canthoplasty [Canthopexy
- Eye lid tightening] :

Corrects sagging or drooping lower eyelids, caused by aging or earlier operations.

Ptosis Surgery :

Eyelid Ptosis Plastic Surgery : raises one or both droopy upper eyelids to restore an alert appearance and improve eye opening.


Nose Job - Aesthetic Rhinoplasty :

Cosmetic surgery of nose also commonly known as Plastic surgery of nose or Rhinoplasty is most common required operation, done to reshape nose. This is the most prominent part on the face. Personality and confidence of the person is defined by the profile of nose. Variety of nosejob done are :

a. Augmentation Rhinoplasty to make small nose bigger. Usually a nasal implant is required in the operation. Bone or cartilage may also be preferred. Saddle deformity is also corrected.

b. Reduction Rhinoplasty : is to make large bulky nose smaller. Cut to size nose surgery is required to reshape by resetting the anatomy by re adjusting bony and cartilaginous frame work.

c. Nose tip plasty is required to give smarter cute sharp facing up front for those who have bulbous, bulky, rounder, tuberous or parrot beak like pointing downwards, hanging nose tip or drooping nose tip.

Decreasing projection tip of nose where it is undue long and supra tip deformity needs tip aesthetic plastic nose surgery.

d. Hump Reduction done for hump nose. Nose hump is raised bony bridge of nose, giving like camel back appearance. Trimming of bony over growth is done.

e. Alar plasty / Alarplasty is done to correct nasal openings. When opening of nose are wide or wider, narrowed, collapsed, uneven or unequal alar surgery is done.

f. Corrective Rhinoplasty : In cases of broken, crooked, crocked, deviated, deformed nose, reforming nose is done by correcting the disturbed anatomy. Septorhinoplasty may be needed along with.

Face Lift - Rhytidectomy:

Plastic surgery for aging face or cosmetic surgery for wrinkles on face is commonly performed aesthetic surgery procedure. These reduce jowls under the cheeks and improve jawline and neck for a more youthful look. This is commonly performed Facial anti-aging surgery in Jalandhar Punjab India.

Mid Face lift [cheek lift] :

Midface lift raise the middle of the face and cheek to enhance contour of cheek and under eyes.
Stitch lift [Thread lift] :

Minimal invasive lift procedures whereby significant lifting is achieved using special suture material. Face lift, submandibular lift, Jaw line prominence and neck lift are easily achieved.

Neck Lift :

To correct 'Turkey Neck' excess skin is removed to raise the neck line. This improves the profile.

[Neck Muscle Repair] :

Separated muscles under the chin and front of neck are repaired to create a better neck line.

Liposuction Face :

Liposuction cheek, jowl, chin and neck required as an adjunct procedure along with other cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery operations on face e.g. face lift, neck lift etc. Also used to remove unwanted fat from different parts of face.

Double Chin Liposuction :

To suck out fat bulge under the chin liposuction is done.


Jaw line prominence :

Cosmetic procedure requires suction of fat from bulky face, loose skin lift and jowls treatment. This gives rejuvenated and young look and feel.

Cosmetic Skin care :

Medical or non surgical skin treatment comes under cosmetic medicine. Antiaging advice and needful is done by local applications and medications. Pregnancy mask like condition where skin is darker, blotchy, patchy, chloasma - blotches of discolored dark skin , Melasmas, hyper pigmentationsnd run down look are lifted to give charming, glowing and toned up skin.

Ear Cosmetic Surgery
- Otoplasty:

Reshaping ears, prominent ears, Bat ears, ear deformity, microtia, ear pinning or ear lobe correction are the common known plastic surgery ear operations for malformed or overly large ears.

Chin Cosmetic Surgery
- Mentoplasty:

Plastic surgery for chin includes Chin augmentation, chin enhancement with chin implant , Chin Reduction, chin shaving or cutting to size or chin tuck ,liposuction under the chin or Lipo for double chin. Aesthetic chin surgery also include creation of dimple chin or cleft chin.

Cosmetic surgery for cheek :

Improved facial contour, fullness for hollow cheeks[Cheek Augmentation] with fat transfer [in Buccal fat pad] or Lipoinjection [ also known as fat grafting or fat injection], cheek bone shaving or cheek bone prominence with Malar implants [ cheek implants] are the required plastic surgery operations for cheek. Aesthetic cheek surgery includes cheek dimpling or creation of dimple cheek.

Facial Implants :

Implants improve facial contours, projections and fullness.

Cheek Bone prominence
[soof lift]:

This is done to raise the fat pad at the top of cheeks to improve cheek and under eye contour. Malar implants may be use.

Facial Asymmetry
- Plastic Surgery for Hemi
facial deformity :

Asymmetrical face may be inborn [ congenital] or result of some disease or injury. Bony structure and soft tissue are under developed. Soft tissue augmentation is achieved by Singh's Lipoinjection technique and temporal facial pedicle transfer. Bone augmentation requires onlay bone grafting or implant surgery to restore symmetrical face and image enhancement.

Plastic Surgery for Lips
- Smile Enhancement :

Aesthetic surgery for lips or Lip cosmetic surgery includes variety of procedures e.g. Lip shaping, Lip enhancement, lip augmentation, lip shaving or reduction of lips [lip reduction], oral opening correction and/or lip reconstruction. Aesthetic smile redesign or smile improvement also need cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, dental implants and other procedures in aesthetic dentistry.

Lip lift :

To yield the appearance of a fuller lip, a thin strip of upper lip skin is removed, this raise the lip.

Dimple Chin :

Cleft chin or Chin dimples with or without cheek dimples are in fashion and considered to be enhancing looks and beauty. Women is considered cheerful, lovable and kind hearted.

Fat Transfer
- Lipoinjection :

Soft tissue augmentation is achieved with Fat injection by Singh's Lipoinjection Technique. This gives fuller looks to triangular face with sunken cheeks. Congenital abnormalities having deformities of soft tissues, Buccal fat pad etc are improved with it.