Cheek Cosmetic Surgery is required along with other cosmetic surgery procedures on face, nose, chin etc. Procedures are :

    • Cheek filling / augmentation
    • Cheek bone prominence with Cheek Implant
    • Cheek bone shaving
    • Deformity Cheek.

Cheek Cheek Filling / Augmentation :
For sunken cheeks or triangular faces who requires fuller looks, Lipoinjection is done under sedation.

Techniques is named as "Singh's Lipoinjection Technique" and involves injection of fat in Buccal fat layer.

Cheek Bone Prominence :
Patient who have under developed cheek bones needs cheek prominence for a confident and bolder looks.

This done by placing Malar Implants [cheek implants] over the cheek bone. Operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Malar implants come in different sizes, selection of desired size is done according to the patient.

Cheek Bone Shaving :
Too prominent cheek bones or unequal cheek bone in cases of facial asymmetry requires shaving or trimming of cheek bone. Operation done under general anesthesia.

Deformity Cheek :
Trauma or injuries can cause depressed zygomatic [cheek] bone.
Operative procedure is done under general anesthesia to lift the depressed bone