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Appeal in the female body lies in its figure, BEAUTY IS SHAPE. You may feel the need to regain your pride with beautiful body figure and shape.

You can trust upon 20 years experience of Board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Singh BP, whose body shaping cosmetic surgery in Jalandhar has made his presence felt world wide.

Breast Cosmetic Surgery:

Breast Augmentation :

This is one of the most common aesthetic breast surgery operation in demand. To make small breast bigger, or enhancement of feminine figure augmentation Mammoplasty is done. Breast implants are used to position under the gland or under the muscle. Silicone gel filled pre-filled or saline filled implants are available in vide variety of ranges in different sixes and shapes. Read more by clicking on page.

Breast Reduction :

Too big a breast is too heavy, sagging and drooping, nipples looking to ground, are too troublesome. It is painful, shoulder pains and normal routine is disturbed. Patient looks quite heavy and deformed. Reduction Mammoplasty is done to cut breast tissue to size, maintaining shape and projection. Learn more by clicking on the link.

Male Breast Gynaecomazia :

Boys with this problem feel complexed shy of having female like chest, particularly when in Gym, Beach or in swimming pools, lack in confidence in taking out shirts. Reduction and shaping is achieved with liposuction. Some times excess skin needs to be tucked or excised.

Breast Lift :

When breast become loose and soft, it hangs down from its anatomical position. This upsets the shape and figure, Bra does not fit snugly; charm and attraction of the young lady is gone. To uplift the displaced breast suspension or lift operation is done. If the available breast tissue is sufficient, it is OK, otherwise Implant may be needed to restore proper size.

Nipple Cosmetic Surgery :

This is very sensitive part of a female . Some times it is inverted, not properly grown, or nipple is unduly long and bulky. Plastic aesthetic surgery address such problems to keep its utility and sensitivity to arouse the female and enjoyment intact.