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Appeal in the female body lies in its figure, BEAUTY IS SHAPE. You may feel the need to regain your pride with beautiful body figure and shape which you had once, but, after pregnancy or weight gain or some other reasons now you cannot see yourself in mirror.

To get your pre-pregnancy figure or slim body re-shaping you need to know and consider multiple cosmetic surgery procedures which will help in shaping your body. A guide is provided below to help you choose a procedure you need. Each procedure is briefly explained.

You can trust upon 20 years experience of Board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Singh BP, whose body shaping cosmetic surgery in Jalandhar has made his presence felt world wide.

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Total Body Shaping / Contouring:

Liposuction :

Fat deposits from under the skin in any body part can be sculpt with liposuction which vacuums fat. Females are more keen to get their torso and individual parts in shape and size intact. Ladies after deliveries wish to regain their pre-pregnancy figure, opt more for Liposelection.

Lipo in Men :

Guys keen to maintain their appeal, wish to show their muscles and muscular body. Lack of exercise, busy schedule and uncontrolled diet and drinks adds fat under the skin, masking their sexy manhood. They will come for suction lipectomy to loose every inch to keep rocking.

Tummy Tuck Full :

This is a major cosmetic surgical procedure that get rids off extra fat and excess skin from abdominal area along with tightening of abdominal muscles.

Abdomen Etching
[Mini Tummy tuck] :

If you have good abs [abdominal muscles], but are hiding behind persistent fat and skin, your body sculpturing could be done to give you figure and shape.

Reverse Abdominoplasty :

The plastic surgery operation known as Reverse Abdominoplasty is quite a rare procedure - not performed by all plastic surgeons - for patients who have loose skin above the umbilicus. Reverse abdominoplasty may be combined with a female breast reduction or Mastopexy (breast lift).

Mammary Fold Insertion :

During reverse abdominoplasty, a surgical incision is made along the mammary fold in an upside down V shape. The skin flap is then tightened and sutured. The condition known as rectus diastasis (weak muscles) may be managed with a reverse abdominoplasty operation, although problems can occur where the umbilicus is left unfixed and floating.

Vertical Scar Abdominoplasty :

Designed for patients with significant amounts of excess skin in the abdominal area, Vertical Scar abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure involving both a transverse surgical incision in the lower abdomen and a midline vertical incision up the abdomen. The vertical length varies from patient to patient and the technique.

Body lift :

Addressing the normal effects of childbearing or aging tightening up or removing looseness in different body parts. Please click link to know about various lift procedures.

Panniculectomy :

Procedure to remove excess skin and fat in abdominal area. As in abdominoplasty, abdomen muscles are not tightened.

Surgery for obese /
Morbid obesity :

Patients are heavy to very heavy. For last 20 years we have handled up to 220 kilograms. Resection of fat layers called lipectomies, tummy apron reduction are done along with liposuction in different body parts. Belt lipectomy, girdle lift, lower body lift, middle and upper body lift with Brachioplasty arm lift with lipo is done. To improve their performance pubic and perineal area enhancement by fat suction and skin tightening plus few more operations in men and women are done that promise increased sexual gratification.

Facial Contouring :

Your face is the window of your mind. It reflects your physical age also. You should look as young as you feel at heart. Do not allow to overshadow effect of aging on your face. Stressed and overworked looking men or women loose its value and power. When such telling effects are threatening their job or family security, cosmetic surgery with all its advancements come to rescue you. Learn about various options available to help you choose the right one needed for yourself.

Breast Cosmetic Surgery :

Breast Augmentation This is one of the most common aesthetic breast surgery operation in demand. To make small breast bigger, or enhancement of feminine figure augmentation Mammoplasty is done. Breast implants are used to position under the gland or under the muscle. Silicone gel filled pre-filled or saline filled implants are available in vide variety of ranges in different sixes and shapes. Read more by clicking on page.

Breast Reduction : Too big a breast is too heavy, sagging and drooping, nipples looking to ground, are too troublesome. It is painful, shoulder pains and normal routine is disturbed. Patient looks quite heavy and deformed. Reduction Mammoplasty is done to cut breast tissue to size, maintaining shape and projection. Learn more by clicking on the link.

Male Breast Gynaecomazia : Boys with this problem feel complexed shy of having female like chest, particularly when in Gym, Beach or in swimming pools, lack in confidence in taking out shirts. Reduction and shaping is achieved with liposuction. Some times excess skin needs to be tucked or excised.

Breast Lift : when breast become loose and soft, it hangs down from its anatomical position. This upsets the shape and figure, Bra does not fit snugly; charm and attraction of the young lady is gone. To uplift the displaced breast suspension or lift operation is done. If the available breast tissue is sufficient, it is OK, otherwise Implant may be needed to restore proper size.

Nipple Cosmetic Surgery : This is very sensitive part of a female . Some times it is inverted, not properly grown, or nipple is unduly long and bulky. Plastic aesthetic surgery address such problems to keep its utility and sensitivity to arouse the female and enjoyment intact.

Post Pregnancy Figure

Pregnancy is an exciting and worrying time. Some of the physical and anatomical changes associated with pregnancy are not quite as desirable. Under the effect of hormonal changes, the female body undergoes fat redistribution. This tends to leave many women with unexpected fat deposit, and loss of breast fullness. Post partum heavy exercises fail to budge these genetically determined fat storage sites. Extra fat deposits can be removed with LIPOSUCTION. Breast shape and figure restoration can be done with Aesthetic Breast Surgery [ click above links] For the removal of excess skin, stria and fat in the abdominal region can be done with TUMMY TUCK - Full or Mini, Panniculectomy, Abdominal Etching, Body lift cosmetic surgeries. Undesired changes and looseness in genitals Labia and vagina etc can be corrected with Cosmetic surgery of Female genitals - Designer's Vagina To know about variety of procedures please click link.


Post weight loss body contouring / shaping :
[Post Bariatric surgery Cosmetic Surgery ]
Post weight loss body
contouring / shaping :
[Post Bariatric surgery
Cosmetic Surgery ]

Following significant weight loss due to a Bariatric surgery (also known as gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, stomach stapling, weight loss surgery, and obesity surgery), diet, or exercise, women and men often elect to have various cosmetic procedures to help them achieve the body shape that they seek. Following significant weight loss, a person can be left with a tremendous amount of excess, hanging skin throughout many areas of the body that cannot shrink back to the person's new body shape. Additionally, muscles may also become loose after dramatic weight loss.

Due to the lack of elasticity of the remaining skin, excessive amounts of skin can accumulate and hang in various areas, including the face, neck, breasts, upper and lower abdomen, flanks, armpit (axilla), back, buttocks, arms, forearms, thighs, legs, and calves. Above being physically undesirable, this excess skin can cause considerable hygienic problems, skin irritation, skin breakdown and pain, infection, and can lead to problems in finding clothes that can fit properly.

To address these problems, cosmetic surgery has become the most popular and most effective solution for individuals who have lost significant weight due to surgery, diet or exercise. To know more please click at link above.


Cosmetic Surgery of Genitals [Plastic Genital Surgery ]:
Cosmetic Surgery for
female genitals :

Women - sometime feel that their love life is lost, self esteem is lost, all because how she looks in vaginal region; leading to devastating effect on her life. Actually, It can reduce her sexual desire and excitement, ruin her love life, spoil her self-esteem, or cause discomfort. An increasing number of women are opting for plastic surgery on their vagina, vulva, labia and clitoris that promise increased sexual gratification.

Hymenoplasty to restore virginity [Revirgination, Revirginization] are in demand. Designer's vagina [Designer's Vaginoplasty] for vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening, G-spot [G-shot] amplification, clitoroplasty, labiaplasty, labial reduction to improve how labium labia look, reduction of labia minora and cosmetic vaginal enhancement are among commonly performed female genital surgeries.

Pubic liposuction for pubic reduction is also one of the vaginal cosmetic surgery. Vaginal plasty, vaginal reconstruction, tighten vaginal muscles are other vaginal plastic surgery operations.

Cosmetic Surgery for
male genitals :

Cosmetic Surgery of External Genital Organs in males requires variety of operations listed here - Circumcision, Penile Thickness Increase, Penile Lengthening, Penile Implants, Testicular Implants and Scrotal Shaping/ cyst removal.

Gender Reassignment Surgery :

Sex Change operation is getting more and more in demand. For those who are dissatisfied with the life style of a given sex, and are more happy and comfortable living in changed life style and they continue to live in for more than couple of years opt to under go 'Sex Change Operation' also know as "Gender Reassignment Surgery".