Arm Lift / Brachioplasty
Done by “New Tuck and Lift operation with Triangles and Diamond Technique” Presented at 52nd World Congress of IACS Nov 2008, at Cartagena Columbia; and IPRAS 2009 at New Delhi.  

Procedure to improve heavy arms. Heavy upper arms are usually caused from the increased volume associated with weight gain. After weight loss the skin of your upper arms often fails to tighten, so it sags . The result is loose upper arm skin. To improve this problem is to undergo an arm lift, also called Brachioplasty.
Liposuction is done to reduce the fat bulk [ if present] and loose excess skin is removed by incision in the armpit [ axilla ], usually not a big scar [ mildly noticeable initially] which after softening in 3-6 months becomes least noticeable.
Operation is done under anesthesia, general, or , local with sedation.; in 80-100 min.
Patient can go back home same evening. Compression garment and dressings will be given, to be removed in 5-7 days.
Brachioplasty with New Tuck and Lift operation with Triangles and Diamond Technique

Body Contouring Surgery in patients with obesity and in patients who have significantly lost weight is a challenging task. Various techniques are available, more and more new techniques are being tried and introduced. Since the deformities are so significant and varied in different patients - achieving a satisfactory result to the satisfaction of the patient and surgeon is often difficult.
One of the reason is the complexity of the techniques and difficulty in reproducibility of the operation. A predictable and easy to perform surgical technique is developed. Simple and accurate markings lead to a predictable short scar and correction of deformities.
with this Technique over Traditional Techniques are :
1. Marking of Triangles and Diamond depends upon the chosen site of the scar.
2. Dimensions of TRIANGLES and DIAMOND MARKINGS depends upon the extent of looseness and descent of soft tissues and skin.
3. Scar remains in hidden areas, less visible.
4. Site of scar is PREDICTABLE.
5. Downwards extension of scar is in UPPER INNER ARMS.
6. Even after significant excision of loose skin and soft tissue, mobilization and anchoring, the resultant scar quality is GOOD.
7. Science and Technique of 'MARKINGS' is easy to learn and follow.
8. Technique is reproducible with good results.
9. Results are well accepted by the patients.
10. This technique overcomes the short comings of the Traditional Techniques particularly of LONG UNACCEPTABLE SCARS, VISIBLE SCARS, and UNPREDICTABLE sites of the scars

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